Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bride's Bitches you have read my sms which lead you to this entry...haha...suprise guys are now the bride's bitches! or in a nicer gorgeous bridesmaids..yippi!

The following names are those unluckiest ones which have made it to the list together with their unfortunate reasons...Haha

a) ADORA - You have been the strongest supporter of me and Terry since uni days. At that time many people were still sceptical about me and Terry, but I always knew that you were not one of them..and that...makes you one of a kind. Plus, I have always wanted you to be in my wedding..hmm...what do you think of becoming the M.C for that night? I'm sure you would do a fantastic job..boleh laa...OK?

b) AINAL - We are not as close as we are today back in Uni.. as we have our own seperate set of friends, but we are close now...and you are the right (probably the only) place that I go to  whenever I crave for gossips especially when it involves si dia...haha...Besides that, I know that I can always count on you when I have problems..I'm glad that I have you as my friend..

c) AJ - You are my soul mate and have been my ultimate best friend since uni days...Even after we have graduated and you moving back to Malacca, you still are...and forever will be my absolute best friend. You are also an amazing listener and until this day, you are still on my speed dial whenever I feel like talking to someone and engage in pure emo shit you makcik!

d) ETOT - Babe, lu sengal, lu tau kan?...dengan lu, wa boleh cakap benda2 yang wa x boleh cakap kat AJ especially censored stuffs.. Haha... Banyak gila memori wa dgn lu...and walaupun kita x jumpa all the time and now lu dah ada Reza.. tapi lu tetap, masih dan kekal kawan rapat wa. Wa happy tgk lu happy dgn Reza..and wa sayang lu babe..

e) FAIZA - I know you for the shortest period of time but I know that we can be good friends...There's just something about you that makes me very comfortable. Plus, you are definately a bridesmaid material! This is because you are always very semangat when it comes down to planning something, be it budget planning, trip planning and even buka puasa plans...Haha

f) KYLIE - I love you! What more can I say? When I first met you, I dont really like you because you are taller than me (I'm not used to it). But now...we have become good friends..You are the sweetest and most childish friend ever.. I love it when you texted me and said huggies..and I especially love when you leave sweet notes on my table. You remind me of Adora as she also likes to do that.

And I still love you even when you constantly remind me to lose weight and stop me from spending money. You are indeed an amazing friend and beyond sweeetttttttttttttttttttttttttt

g) MAZLINA - Wa benci lu and wa benci mulut lu yang macam selalu kutuk wa..hina wa..dari time UIA until sekarang. Lu lah kawan yang paling taik, keji, celaka and ex roomate yang paling x senonoh. Lu panggil wa flat chest, wa ungkit panau kat muka lu...Lu balas wa gelap, wa cakap saiz lengan lu yang besar..wa ungkit misai lu lu ungkit misai wa panggil wa babi, sundal and byk lagi sbb lu jeles kat wa... Tapi motif nya.. wa langsung tak pernah terasa dgn lu babe...sebab wa tau lu binatang! Hahaha

P/s wa tau lu confirm baru tadi sumpah seranah wa  sbb wa post gambar lu yang memalukan ni kan kan?? LOL. Wa suka dowh gambar ni sbb dapat capture moment lu basuh ketiak lu! lawak ok

h) SIAN CHZE - Hmm...I think I have told you before that you are annoying!..Haha..You sombong...rarely listen to are insensitive of my feelings and many other things la but I know that you are a sweet friend eventhough you dont show it.. well you don't have to tell me sweet things and you can continue to annoy me because I know that you are a true friend :) BTW I'm going to Bandung/Jakarta somewhere in April next year with Faiza, jum ah ?...AJ you too.. :)