Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Level7even, KL Hilton

Yesss..we have found another wedding venue to consider..

It's no longer at Delicious Cafe..but it's in Level7even KL Hilton. Gosh. Just love how unique this place is. Its a little bit costly but it is definitely worth it if you ask me..

To all newly engaged couple, this should also be one of your venue options. You can pm me for quotation ;)


I love weddings but I don't know why people always make it such a big deal. For me what's important is actually the Nikah ceremony. 

Well, my Nikah ceremony is going to be a very intimate ceremony and will only involve a limited number of people. This is in line with what me and my fiance pictured for our wedding. Large wedding is a big NO NO and it's not because it's highly overrated but its because we don't fancy formalities/ protocols/ customs. We respect them but they are just not for us. 

What's important is that we have fun ourselves as well as our guests.

Love should be about love and nothing else. - the end -

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And I Love Him

Dear Baby,

For this year's Valentines Day and Love Anniversary, instead of telling you how much I love you and how you complement me in every way, I wish to let you know some of the things that you regularly do that drives me crazy (and sometimes really annoys the hell out of me)..haha

a) you like to make fun of me ALOT
b) you constantly criticize my English pronunciations
c) you always imitate the way I laugh
d) you are too hygienic - I can't be washing my hair everyday!
e) you never let me spend a lot of money :(
f) you keep forgetting stuff
g) you listen to too much K-Pop music  

But I love you so much and I never actually want you to change..I'm still gonna love you forever more. That is my promise to you. Happy Valentines Day and Love Anniversary! -xoxo-

P/s I know that I'm playing the victim here but its not always the case..the truth is I can be a real bitch and the fact that he can still love me the way that he does is beyond amazing! haha

This is the proof of how mean I can be and how sweet he is :p

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Sigh..sad...damn sad...frust abis...f*ck!

It all started after reading an email from Faisal, the events and catering exec of Delicious cafe..Hmm..don't get me wrong.. he's a nice guy..he really is..very cooperative and all. The reason I'm feeling sad and f*cked up right now was not caused by him...but because after talking to him (yes I called him right after I finished reading his email), I was left with no choice but to forego our plan to have a wedding reception in Duo Residency. 

But alternatively, he recommended us to do it in Marc Residence instead, which is also awesome and a popular choice for private events..

Sigh..I don't know..honestly I don't mind replacing it with Marc Residence but Terry has issues with it (parking etc). He told me that right from the beginning and his opinion matters to there is nothing much that I can do..I can either try to convince him to do it in Marc Residence or completely move on..

Not cool!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Wedding Reception

Hi everyone..

Thought of sharing my first piece of wedding details... "The Venue" 

Well, initially we wanted to do a destination wedding but after a short time we realized that it was getting so complicated so the idea sadly got trashed away (sorrrry to dissapoint you Kylie)..haha..but but..the concept of a "small and intimate wedding" still remains the same.. 

After months of researching for potential wedding venues, we agreed to pay a visit to one specific location and after checking it out the other day, we decided that this is it. There is no other place that is more perfect than The guys here are some teasers..

Yesss..we are going to do it in Delicious @ Duo Residency...It's really perfect for us and matches our concept..and as for the theme..Bulu, one of my lovely bridesmaid proposed to do Breakfast at Tiffany's.. will write more about it in my next entry..