Thursday, 9 February 2012


Sigh..sad...damn sad...frust abis...f*ck!

It all started after reading an email from Faisal, the events and catering exec of Delicious cafe..Hmm..don't get me wrong.. he's a nice guy..he really is..very cooperative and all. The reason I'm feeling sad and f*cked up right now was not caused by him...but because after talking to him (yes I called him right after I finished reading his email), I was left with no choice but to forego our plan to have a wedding reception in Duo Residency. 

But alternatively, he recommended us to do it in Marc Residence instead, which is also awesome and a popular choice for private events..

Sigh..I don't know..honestly I don't mind replacing it with Marc Residence but Terry has issues with it (parking etc). He told me that right from the beginning and his opinion matters to there is nothing much that I can do..I can either try to convince him to do it in Marc Residence or completely move on..

Not cool!


  1. babe, when i read ur post about delicious dua, i thought of suggesting marc instead, cos it's more spacious (i think) n companies usually have events there..but yes, parking would be in marc residence itself. unless u can work out a plan w delicious to have the parking rates flat-rated/discounted, it is quite pricey la..but if u guys are ok with ur guests walking, there is an open parking spot next to MO. i cant remember the rate though. and there's always ascott's parking (which is still pricey)..

    lemme know if u need help w anything :)


  2. Thanks babe.. I will look into it and also try to persuade Terry to have it there or else I will have to start looking elsewhere already lor :( Mazlina suggested Alexis/ Ben's tp it kinda has a different ambiance la kan?.

    P/s will definitely drag you along the moment everything has commenced. It's still too early rite now..hehe

    -much love-