Saturday, 30 July 2011

Warning: Cheesy Contents

I woke up this morning with teary eyes after I read this simple yet sweet massage from my fiance...

"Baby..I love you tau..I really do..I miss you..and I syg you so much..I wish we could go grocery shopping again..Hehe..It's always so fun to go grocery shopping with you..I just love you so much..sososososo much"

He drives me crazy all the time with his annoying habits but most importantly he makes me feel very special every single day...Hmm...what more can I say... :)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

First Dance Song

Hi darling readers, it's been a week since my last post... Been very busy with work... Hmm, anyways, while searching for songs to be played at my wedding, I stumbled upon this one song which is very sweet and cute and I instantly fell in love with it!  (check out my music playlist) seriously comel sgt.

The way I am - Ingrid Michaelson

If you were falling, then I would catch you
You need a light, I'd find a match

Cuz I love the way you say good morning
And you take me the way I am

If you are chilly, here take my sweater
Your head is aching; I'll make it better

Cuz I love the way you call me baby
And you take me the way I am

I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair
Sew on patches to all you tear

Cuz I love you more than I could ever promise
And you take me the way I am
You take me the way I am
You take me the way I am

I think this song would be perfect for our first dance song...cehh...tiba tiba je plan nak dance on my wedding day la kan...Haha...Tapi, persoalannya sekarang, berani ke I nak dance depan ramai orang??? macam malu je... and I'm actually a shy person.

Plus, I'm not sure if my fiance would agree to do this also sebab so far, 6 years together... x pernah pun tengok him dance. The only time I have seen him lebih kurang dance pun masa I dared him to be sporting by playing one of the dance machines kat arcade... itu pun macam kayu okay... I told him that after his turn I would play also tapi after he's done with embarassing himself, I suddenly want to pull out pulak...haha.

Hmm, baby, if you are reading this, yes...I want us to dance on our wedding day okay?... I suppose it's okay to make a fool of ourselves on our wedding day...and don't worry... we will get our first dance lesson together before the wedding so that it will be less embarassing ;)

I'm not sure if I can be as sporting as the bride in this pic

This one may be possible kot..

Yang ni memang confirm x mungkin la kan..Haha

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Circumcision / Sunat

It was on Wednesday, 9 March 2011, that my darling fiance lost his...hmm...'surgery virginity’. Haha. He had his first major surgery of his life. 
We made an appointment with a specialist doctor at the Mediviron clinic in Damansara Perdana a few days before the actual date but...sigh...when we went to the clinic, the nurses there informed us that the doctor wasn't available. So we had to make another appointment for the next day.
I had taken one week leave from work knowing that I will have to babysit him throughout the entire time that he was in recovery. I mean that is the least that I can do after what he just put himself through right?... 

On that day, I repeatedly told my fiance that it wouldn't hurt that much because the doctor would put him to sleep. But little did I know... the clinic that we went to, only offered two methods of sunat. First is the clamp method and the second is the conventional method. I’m not sure why that particular clinic did not have the laser treatment because otherwise, we would have opted for that since it is the least painful.
Before going for the operation, my fiance had to wear a sarong that my mum gave him. That sarong was actually belonged to my late father and I was happy to see him in it…I felt like if my late father was still alive, he would be proud of us and of how serious our relationship is.
After an hour or so, my fiance finally came out of surgery. I noticed how differently he walked and noticed that he was bleeding...hmm....I felt bad for him. We payed the medical fees and  I quickly drove him back. While in the car, I could see him suffering through the pain by the expression on his face. When I asked him, how it was, he told me that the doctor did the conventional method as the clamp was not suitable for him. The conventional method hurts abit more because the doctor would have to actually cut at the skin and sew it back. I felt even more sorry that he had to endure this process...
During the entire week, I babysited him...he couldn't really walk and had to lay in bed the entire time. I had to buy lunch and dinner for him but I did not complain. I know that I had to support him after all he's been through. By the end of that week, he tried to take a walk...and my love for him grew each day knowing that we would be together forever :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cupid Strikes

Do you believe in cupid strikes? Haha. I don’t since growing up as a Muslim, I always believe that Allah S.W.T has determine one’s jodoh. But having said that, I must admit that I kind of like the whole concept of cute chubby boys with wings, armed with bows and arrows ready to strike two souls and make them fall madly in love, is pretty cute.

Hmm...imagine a situation where you are in a lift with that special someone. The distance between you and that special someone is not that close, but you can hear your heart beating faster as if it was about to pop out from your chest...your palm is can’t catch your breath and you feel like you are going to have a panic attack??!. The cupid must have strike his arrow la kan and I’m not finished. Haha. Imagine that the feelings that you feel are so special, magical and indescribable but you just stayed silent and never mentioned anything about it to that special someone....BUT only to find out later that he was feeling the same way towards you... 

And your heart just dropped when you heard it! Haha. That was how I realized that I could be falling for this guy, my now fiance.
I mean you won’t feel that way if you don’t like that person right??
P/s on that very night, he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. It didn’t take me long to answer as I was already smitten by him...  Wink Wink

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How We First Met

To tell the truth, when I first saw my fiance, I didn’t instantly fall in love with him and it was never a love at first sight...I never pictured myself being with someone who is not from the same religion and culture and the fact that he is 3 years younger than me, lagi la the thoughts of us being together never occurred in my mind la kan.

It started out during my second year of studies when I had to work part-time to earn some cash. Turns out that he was working there part-time as well to save up money for college. When I first saw him... my first impression was that he’s very jambu and cute but not my kind of guy. Back then, I like busuk and messy kind of guy. LOL. 

But after few months of knowing him as a friend and colleague, I noticed that he is very different from other guys I know though at that time I still have not developed any feelings for him yet. Only after going out a bunch of times with some friends of ours, we started getting closer and comfortable with each other. 

And day.... he asked me if I had any plans on the weekend. I replied him YES as I have already promised to see my friend, to teman her do her hair in one of the salon in One Utama and at the same time do mine BUT in  the end I told him that he could tag along if he wanted to and he said yes.

Unfortunately, on that day, the hair treatment session took longer than usual and he had to wait for me for 3-4 hours in the hair salon. My perut dah already bunyi sebab lapar sangat but of course I didn’t ask him to get anything for me la kan, sebab takut nanti kena chop diva but somehow entah macam mana, he could read my mind cuz he bought me a set meal from Burger King. I was like, didnt have to do that tapi lapar punya pasal I makan je. Haha. After I had done my hair, we went to Coffee bean to have their frappucinos...

Hmmm, after that first outing (can’t call it a date as my friend was there)... days passed by and we became even more close to each other and we went on a couple of dates after that.  I kind of knew that he has feelings for me already but my feelings for him had only started to grow after the occurrence of this certain event, as it was on that day, I started to look at him as someone whom I should seriously consider...

...somewehere in 2005 while I was working, datang la this psycho guy whom I kept avoiding (I have my reasons for avoiding him which I can’t disclose them here. I think the reasons are enough to make me hate him). Each time he called or asked me out I will tell him that I’m busy. One day he just couldn't take it anymore and decided to create a scene at my workplace. Can you imagine it???! Emotional gila kan?. He wanted to see me outside but I refused. He then forced me to follow him and started to raise his voice and all in front of everyone! Sumpah loser mamat tu.

But it’s so happened my fiance was there and we were supposed to have lunch together that day. When he saw how mad that guy and how degil I was, he stepped in and gently asked the guy to let go of me since I have refused to follow him. But.... this guy being as persistent and psycho as he is, still refused to give in!.  

Since this drama has attracted many unwanted attention from the public, my boss then called me and the psycho guy to his office. We were in there for soooooooooo long and by that time lunch hour had already passed. I figured my fiance must have taken his lunch. My boss asked me how to settle the issue and I decided not to make things worse by lodging a police report even though I was pretty sure that the psycho guy would disturb me again.... After hours of negotiating a solution, my boss finally released me and asked me to clear my head and go have lunch. I told myself that I’m not going to have lunch as I have already lost my appetite...

But as I opened the door...

...there he fiance....waiting for me the entire time and looking sooooo worried. I was S.M.I.T.T.E.N and felt so touched as it was very unexpected of him...

and when my boss saw my fiance standing there, he told him to take me out for lunch knowing that my fiance was waiting for me... :)

Friday, 8 July 2011

The Proposal...

Since this is my very first entry, I thought of sharing my proposal story as this would mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

My fiance and I have been dating for around 6 years now (I think 6 years is probably the time when we girls start to wonder if the guy is ever going to propose or not right??). Hmm... even though we come from a totally different family background with me being a Malay and he being a Chinese, we both knew that we only wanted to be together...considering the fact that we have been together for a long time and have been through many obstacles together...

But unlike most couples, the marriage route is definitely not an easy route for us (especially him). There are many things to be considered and also a lot of hati and perasaan to be taken care of. So we both agreed to just wait until it is the right time (though I must admit that it kills me when I’m not sure how long more I should wait...haha)...

But it was on the 7th of July 2011 when he picked me up from my work place and took me to one of the most romantic restaurants that I have ever visited. (We were listening to songs by Westlife during the entire time we were in the car...which is not his typical playlist. He even menyanyi along with a couple of the songs...though he didn’t get most of the lyrics right. He did that to set a romantic mood. Lol). 

After being stuck in a traffic jam for almost an hour, we finally arrived at the Teeq Brasserie restaurant which is situated at the rooftop of Lot 10 ngam ngam on time as he has made an earlier reservation. The ambience of that place couldn't have been any more romantic and we had a great meal especially the cheese glazed fried prawns...


Halfway through our meals, he then recited some romantic words (which what seemed like vows) and pulled a ring and popped the one million dollar question that I have been wanting to hear;

He: Hmm, B, will you marry me (while holding the ring)?

Me: Puzzled. (Even though I actually knew beforehand that he was going to propose and was fully aware of the fact that he had bought the ring a month ago, I still somehow could barely speak).

He: Repeated himself.

Me: Still speechless.

And then he looked at me and said...

B..........Uhm........I want to marry you......... and I would ask you to marry me over and over again..... at a different time and place until you say yes. Uhm.....I would never give up on us...

Me: Melting gila and happily said YES!

Well, even though he didn’t get down on his knees like all those romantic comedies, it was still beyond sweet. I’m praying hard that he is my jodoh sent by God until eternity. Amin.