Saturday, 16 July 2011

Circumcision / Sunat

It was on Wednesday, 9 March 2011, that my darling fiance lost his...hmm...'surgery virginity’. Haha. He had his first major surgery of his life. 
We made an appointment with a specialist doctor at the Mediviron clinic in Damansara Perdana a few days before the actual date but...sigh...when we went to the clinic, the nurses there informed us that the doctor wasn't available. So we had to make another appointment for the next day.
I had taken one week leave from work knowing that I will have to babysit him throughout the entire time that he was in recovery. I mean that is the least that I can do after what he just put himself through right?... 

On that day, I repeatedly told my fiance that it wouldn't hurt that much because the doctor would put him to sleep. But little did I know... the clinic that we went to, only offered two methods of sunat. First is the clamp method and the second is the conventional method. I’m not sure why that particular clinic did not have the laser treatment because otherwise, we would have opted for that since it is the least painful.
Before going for the operation, my fiance had to wear a sarong that my mum gave him. That sarong was actually belonged to my late father and I was happy to see him in it…I felt like if my late father was still alive, he would be proud of us and of how serious our relationship is.
After an hour or so, my fiance finally came out of surgery. I noticed how differently he walked and noticed that he was bleeding...hmm....I felt bad for him. We payed the medical fees and  I quickly drove him back. While in the car, I could see him suffering through the pain by the expression on his face. When I asked him, how it was, he told me that the doctor did the conventional method as the clamp was not suitable for him. The conventional method hurts abit more because the doctor would have to actually cut at the skin and sew it back. I felt even more sorry that he had to endure this process...
During the entire week, I babysited him...he couldn't really walk and had to lay in bed the entire time. I had to buy lunch and dinner for him but I did not complain. I know that I had to support him after all he's been through. By the end of that week, he tried to take a walk...and my love for him grew each day knowing that we would be together forever :)


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  2. thanks...will leave my mark in ur blog ;)

  3. hi dear!
    oh dear can't imagine how painful it would be and how lucky he is to have you always by his side :)

    keep on posting , love reading your writings :)

  4. hi nin(or what should i call u eh?hehe)
    just found ur blog :)
    ur fiancee is non muslim eh?
    hehe that's cute. :) jaga dia elok2 k.kesian dia.

  5. Lisa, you can just call me Nini. Haha saje je gedik taruk Ninsys. BTW yeah..he's a chinese and dia dah fully xyah jaga dah :)

  6. Maneesa,

    Thanks darl, ur so right! he is very lucky to have me. Haha.

    Hope to hear from you again.. ;)

  7. you are so blessed dear to have a partner who loves you that much and would do anything for you.. its not easy to convince a non-muslim when it comes to hurting his lil joe as apart of the process.

    hope he gets well soon!

  8. Hiiiiiiiii found ur blog. salam b2b =)

    nice to meet u. can we exchange link :)


  9. CB! Haha yeah totally agree with you...I'm very blessed to have him in my life :)

  10. Yes baby..don't forget your promise~

  11. Say what???..Haha...I'm ignoring you... lalalaaa..yea yea..ingat la ni :)