Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And I Love Him

Dear Baby,

For this year's Valentines Day and Love Anniversary, instead of telling you how much I love you and how you complement me in every way, I wish to let you know some of the things that you regularly do that drives me crazy (and sometimes really annoys the hell out of me)..haha

a) you like to make fun of me ALOT
b) you constantly criticize my English pronunciations
c) you always imitate the way I laugh
d) you are too hygienic - I can't be washing my hair everyday!
e) you never let me spend a lot of money :(
f) you keep forgetting stuff
g) you listen to too much K-Pop music  

But I love you so much and I never actually want you to change..I'm still gonna love you forever more. That is my promise to you. Happy Valentines Day and Love Anniversary! -xoxo-

P/s I know that I'm playing the victim here but its not always the case..the truth is I can be a real bitch and the fact that he can still love me the way that he does is beyond amazing! haha

This is the proof of how mean I can be and how sweet he is :p

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